openconnect connection is successful, unable to receive data

ping gao 高平(0) ping.gao at
Mon Nov 20 23:35:52 PST 2017

hi all
   I use openconnect to connect ocserv server, you can connect successfully, but can not receive downlink data,
Trouble to help answer the next

OS Info:

  Ocserv 0.11.8
 Compiled with: seccomp, tcp-wrappers, oath, radius, gssapi, PAM, PKCS#11, AnyConnect
 GnuTLS version: 3.3.26 (compiled with 3.3.24)

   Ubuntu 16.04 
  OpenConnect version v7.06
 Using GnuTLS. Features present: PKCS#11, RSA software token, HOTP software token, TOTP software token, System keys, DTLS  

The following ocserv server debug 100 output:

ocserv[5123]: main: performing maintenance (banned IPs: 1)
ocserv[5124]: sec-mod: performing maintenance
ocserv[5124]: sec-mod: active sessions 1
ocserv[5123]: main: main received message 'unknown (248)' from sec-mod of 10 bytes
ocserv[5127]: TLS[<5>]: REC[0x7f6c443e1010]: SSL 3.3 Application Data packet received. Epoch 0, length: 108
ocserv[5127]: TLS[<5>]: REC[0x7f6c443e1010]: Expected Packet Application Data(23)
ocserv[5127]: TLS[<5>]: REC[0x7f6c443e1010]: Received Packet Application Data(23) with length: 108
ocserv[5127]: TLS[<5>]: REC[0x7f6c443e1010]: Decrypted Packet[590] Application Data(23) with length: 84
ocserv[5127]: worker[user]: received 84 byte(s) (TLS)
ocserv[5127]: worker[user]: writing 76 byte(s) to TUN

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