doesnt connect with certificate

Union union.kjesi at
Mon Dec 18 12:22:28 PST 2017


First of all, thanks for extremely quick reply from your side.

Short story:
The issue was in missing CA certificate.

Long story:

1. I was cloning openconnect  from
git:// (published at

2. I´ve got the CA certificate (in DER ) and put it in
Run "trust extract-compat. This added the certificate into the /etc/ssl/certs.
(above folders are relevant for arch linux)

3. VPN connection was then successfully established.

Thanks for the inputs.
Take care.

On 12/1/17, David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2017-12-01 at 12:58 +0100, Union wrote:
>> In the past I could successfully connect with the pfx certificate to
>> the ASA server with openconnect.
>> But last couple of weeks this doesn't work anymore. It seems
>> connection is established, but at the end, it just throw out the login
>> entry (more details in the attachment).
> I take it the certificate hasn't expired?
> The primary version of OpenConnect isn't on github, btw.  I'm not sure
> which one you're looking at, but it shouldn't make much difference;
> this hasn't changed for a while.
> One possibility is that you aren't sending the full trust chain for the
> certificate. Given that your client is complaining about an "untrusted"
> certificate on the server, that looks like you don't have your
> corporate SSL CA installed correctly.
> OpenConnect will include all indermediate CAs in its request on the
> wire, if it can find them.... but in your case it won't. Sometimes, the
> server admins forget to install the intermediate CAs. And sometimes,
> ancient OpenSSL bugs mean that the ASA attempts to use the *wrong*
> intermediate CA.

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