OpenConnect juniper disconnecting other connected user

Etienne Champetier champetier.etienne at
Mon Oct 24 02:27:59 PDT 2016

Hi all,

We (in my team) are sharing a vpn account to access a customer VPN
(for support),
when I connect with openconnect 7.07 or latest trunk
all other clients (openconnect or official windows client) get
Multiple official clients can be connected simultaneously with the same account.
If an openconnect client connects first, multiple official clients can
connect after him, nobody get disconnected.

When I log in on the vpn with my browser i've a page that asks me if i
wan't to disconnect other active sessions ("You have open user
sessions that you may want to close"...)
The address of this page is:

Looking at the output of openconnect with --dump-http-traffic I don't
see any interraction with this page

just clicking on the "Log in (...)" button should be enough i think
(you have to check the checkboxes to disconnect other)

extract of the form:
<form id="DSIDConfirmForm" name="frmConfirmation" method="post"
<input id="postfixSID_1" type="checkbox" onclick="checkSelected()"
,="" name="postfixSID" value="...">
<input id="DSIDFormDataStr" type="hidden" name="FormDataStr" value="...">
<input type="submit" name="btnContinue" value="Log in (and optionally
Close Selected Sessions)" id="btnContinue">

Does someone have the same issue?
Does someone know a configuration option on the Juniper to workaround
this issue?
Did I miss a config option or is it not implemented yet?


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