trouble with Univ of Virginia's vpn

Joshua N Pritikin jpritikin at
Thu Oct 6 11:09:53 PDT 2016

I've been happily using openconnect for a few years with Univ of 
Virginia's vpn. Recently, however, things have gotten bumpy.

I can get a VPN connection for a few minutes, but then suddenly the 
network stops working. I have to reconnect to get it started again.

I'm using OpenConnect v7.06 on Tanglu (a Debian derivative).

Can I provide any info to help you diagnose the problem?

Thank you.

Joshua N. Pritikin, Ph.D.
Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics
Virginia Commonwealth University
PO Box 980126
800 E Leigh St, Biotech One, Suite 1-133
Richmond, VA 23219

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