Multiple groups and routes

Nux! nux at
Tue Mar 15 11:57:04 PDT 2016

I got it, must use select-group in the config file and have per group config files with different routes.
Also "ocpasswd -g" for auth.


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> Subject: Multiple groups and routes

> Hello,
> When connecting using Openconnect to our Cisco Anyconnect I am offered 3 groups,
> choosing a certain groups pushes certain routes to me, e.g.:
> openconnect --disable-ipv6 -v -b -l vpn.blah
> GROUP: [G1|G2|G3]
> Username:
> Password:
> How can I recreate this multiple groups/routes functionality with ocserv and
> plain or pam auth?
> Regards,
> Lucian

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