Can't connect to Juniper VPN because: "Unknown form ID 'frmSelectRoles'"

Benjamin Cardon bj.cardon at
Mon Jul 11 11:19:49 PDT 2016


I have been able to connect to my Juniper VPN pretty well with
OpenConnect 7.07 (finally, dumb SSL renogtiation handshake...),
however I'm now having a new problem as my VPN requires me to select a
role after logging in.

Is there a way to just force it to pick a specific one for right now?
I saw there was a patch posted to the list about a year ago but it
never got merged into the code or reimplemented a different way. I
would be fine if I had to specify the role identifier on the command
line even (it's static on my page).

Any thoughts?

BJ Cardon

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