Errors connecting to anyconnect based remote vpn

Robert Grimes rmzgrimes at
Mon Jan 25 16:12:51 PST 2016


I'm trying to replicate a working Cisco AnyConnect install on a
windows laptop to a linux/debian machine using openconnect. I'm using
just the basic settings to launch openconnect but no matter what
combination of username or password or various other options I've
tried have I been able to get past the "please enter your username and
password" prompt. Turning on verbose mode gave me some output after I
first enter my username/password that looks like this:

Failed to write to SSL socket: Error in the push function.
SSL negotiation with
Server certificate verify failed: signer not found
Connected to HTTPS on
> POST /+webvpn+/index.html HTTP/1.1

After that it goes through some more http responses and asks me for my
username/password again. Is there anything wrong here or is there
someplace I can look at my working install for more details? I'm
really not sure where I should even be looking in an attempt to debug

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