Inquiry of performance bottleneck

Yick Xie yick.xie at
Sat Jan 9 03:45:32 PST 2016

Hi everybody,

I have several questions about the speed of our ocserv, looking to
some interpretation.
As I monitored before, the ocserv can reach up to 300-500KB/s for each
connection when the network got a little congested, though the speed
could multiple several times nearly to 3MB/s even more perhaps when I
visited the, and etc.. These websites just
utilize multiple connections via 8080 port. It's same(linear addition)
when I just multi-requested a url download using chrome at one moment.
No matter how I tested, the ping response to the  VPN gateway never
glitched(avg 50ms, StDev 5ms, loss rate 1%). The CPU load was only 5%
at most, and still with about 100M remaining memory.

In a word, I am not sure where the bottleneck lies. I saw some
analysis about the bottleneck of virtual adapters, does it mean the
ocserv also got a performance loss due to syscall? Or is there any
tool I can use to detect?


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