juniper SRX

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Jan 4 13:32:27 PST 2016

> Hello there,
> I noticed that there is a new feature in openconnect, that is using it as
> a
> client for "juniper", but what does juniper mean exactly? We are using a
> Juniper SRX router and the software is not working.
> As much as I see from the output either I am doing something wrong
> (support
> experimental and all) or the support is actually for some other Juniper
> solution. The version running on the router is 12.1X46-D35

The new support is for Network Connect, which I think they tend to
conflate with Junos Pulse although that'sounds actually a different
protocol (at least in the Windows client). Not sure what SRX is; you might
be better off with vpnc?

When you connect with the real client what network traffic (TCP/UDP, port
numbers) do you see?


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