OpenConnect stops working after reboot on Ubuntu 16.04

Robert . at
Fri Dec 23 00:44:00 PST 2016


I have the problem described in the subject and i'm hoping its something silly i have / haven't done.

First i install OpenConnect using the following command:
 ~$ sudo apt-get install openconnect

Then i connect using the following command:
 ~$ echo "password" | sudo openconnect --user=username --passwd-on-stdin &

So far so good and it works as expected.  But when i reboot and try the first command again it just prints  "[1] {pid}" e.g "[1] 1234" at the terminal and after some time (sorry i have timed it) the following is printed to the terminal:
[1]+ Stopped                       echo "password" | sudo openconnect --user=username --passwd-on-stdin

If i remove and install OpenConnect again it works until i reboot again.

So is this a bug or have i done something wrong?


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