OpenConnect 7.08 release

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Dec 13 08:28:38 PST 2016

A bunch of fixes, including Juniper compatibility with Junos Pulse 8.2
servers, and some other new form support in Juniper. We really ought to
support handling this with a 'proper' web browser, at least for the GUI
clients. The hard-coded hacks to parse known HTML forms are getting
nastier with each special case we add.

I've added a certificate torture test suite and fixed a number of the
bugs it showed with various esoteric (and not so esoteric) file
formats. Distributors, please ensure you run 'make check' in your
package build, and chase up any failures caused by the libraries you're
building against.

It supports the new DTLS 'real negotiation' support with ocserv,
instead of deciding the cipher suites in advance. And does run-time
probing for the data MTU.

Some Windows fixes, including support for point-to-point routing.

For those building against OpenSSL, this adds support for the final
OpenSSL 1.1 release. And fixes a security issue — OpenSSL-built clients
failed to *check* that the DTLS session was actually being resumed, and
hypothetically an attacker could have captured the DTLS session by just
performing a full handshake. So the client would be exchanging IP
packets with the attacker instead of the real VPN network.

I have managed to reproduce that attack using OpenSSL-built OpenConnect
against ocserv, where it uses standard DTLS protocols. Since Cisco's
pre-1.0 version of DTLS isn't fully supported by OpenSSL for full
handshakes (it's only ever used for resumes), I wasn't trivially able
to reproduce when talking to a Cisco ASA — but I believe it should be
possible. If you build OpenConnect against OpenSSL then you should
upgrade immediately. GnuTLS builds are not affected as they would never
succeed in performing a full negotiation in this situation anyway.

Björn Ketelaars (2):
      Fix indentation in manpage openconnect
      Small error in openconnect.8

Dan Lenski (1):
      Correctly handle IPv4 route specified as either or

Daniel Lenski (3):
      append_opt() and buf_append_urlencoded() should take const char *
      Make buf_append_urlencoded() percent-encode fewer characters.
      Unset got_cancel_cmd after reacting to it, as is already done for got_pause_cmd

David Woodhouse (181):
      Handle Juniper pre-auth message too
      Revert to original OpenSSL workaround now we can access get_issuer()
      Fix OpenSSL 1.1 compiler warning
      Fix warning about unused esp_kmp_hdr in non-ESP build
      Add configure check for OpenSSL RT#4631
      Fix condition for GnuTLS ESP
      Add 1.0.1q to 1.0.1u-dev to broken OpenSSL versions (RT#4631)
      Add bad_dtls_test from OpenSSL PR#1296
      Use DTLS_client_method() and TLS_client_method() for OpenSSL 1.1+
      Fix non-const warning in legacy generate_dtls_session()
      Use X509_V_FLAG_PARTIAL_CHAIN for OpenSSL >= 1.0.2
      Kill PACKET_starts() from bad_dtls_test
      More OpenSSL 1.1 API breakage...
      Build openconnect before we test it
      Print correct filename when key not found
      Add cert format torture test
      Fix GnuTLS handling of OpenSSL encrypted PEM files
      Add support for DER-encoded PKCS#1 and PKCS#8 files with OpenSSL
      Add support for DER-encoded PKCS#1 and PKCS#8 files with GnuTLS
      Add more certificate tests: PKCs8-PBES1, and DER forms of everything
      Update changelog
      More explicit PKCS#12 tests
      Add VERBOSE=1 to gitlab make check
      Fix auth-certificate test
      Try unencrypted PKCS#8 DER specifically.
      Allow DTLS unit test to be disabled
      Use AS_HELP_STRING() consistently
      Move lzstest to tests/
      Output summary from configure script
      Only set DTLS_GNUTLS if it's true
      Fix pretty-printing of $ssl_library. "both" means we're using GnuTLS.
      Don't check for SSL_OP_CISCO_ANYCONNECT
      Instead of disabling the DTLS test, make it XFAIL
      Use oc_text_buf for constructing proxy URL
      Use oc_text_buf for constructing group-access node
      Quote SSL_DTLS_PC
      Add OpenSSL-only CI build
      Fix retry on tun fd when it isn't a Linux tun device
      Update translations from GNOME
      Resync translations with sources
      Add translations for 'Enter PKCS#8 pass phrase:'
      Add rôle selection for Juniper auth
      Fix mingw build warning
      Fix typo in rôle table matching
      Fix crash in install_extra_certs() on PKCS#12 file containing no cert
      Add newlines to PKCS#12 error messages
      Update translations from GNOME
      Add some more PKCS#12 test cases, including a mixed one that upsets GnuTLS
      Fix ESP replay integer overflow problems
      Increase ESP packet backlog to 64 packets
      Do not define _POSIX_C_SOURCE
      Include <string.h> from openconnect-internal.h
      Split ESP sequence number handling into a separate file
      Prevent ESP seq# wrap-around
      Add ESP seq# test
      Fix portability of lzstest
      Run tests even without CWRAP
      Fix up translation for ESP debug messages
      Resync translations with sources
      Update translations from GNOME
      Fix translation search/replace errors
      Disable known GnuTLS failures to make gitlab tests pass again
      Fix uninitialised variable usage in parse_roles_form_node()
      Fix FreeBSD9 build warnings
      Attempt to add FreeBSD CI build
      Fix gitlab CI config
      Slight cleanup for verify_packet_seqno
      Add --with-vpnc-script to FreeBSD CI biuld
      Run all cert tests by default with manual invocation
      Explicitly detect, and reject building with, LibreSSL
      We don't need cwrap for bad_dtls_test any more
      Add support for EC PKCS#1 certs
      Fix crash in init_esp_ciphers with OpenSSL < 1.1
      Add DSA and EC keys to torture tests
      Remove stray key files
      Make MAX definition conditional to make FreeBSD happy
      Fix main.o dependency on version.c
      Fix main.o dependency harder
      More LibreSSL build fixes
      Add missing user-cert.prm
      Use --key-password for OpenSSL PKCS#11 PIN
      Add PKCS#11 tests
      Add softhsm2.conf
      Missing auth-pkcs11
      Enable EC PKCS#11 test
      PKCS#11 test shouldn't be unconditional
      FFS, eventually I'll get the condition right
      Fix softhsm check
      Support pin-value= for PKCS#11 URI with OpenSSL
      Import keys for SoftHSM with softhsm2-util
      Re-import SoftHSM token
      Disable DSA tests for GnuTLS too
      Fix uninitialised cert pointer in load_pkcs11_certificate()
      Only run test-pkcs11 if we have cwrap
      Update changelog
      Add missing distfiles
      Change tar format to allow softhsm objects to fit
      Fix ESP replay problem
      Reorder ESP sequence checks
      Update comment
      Fix compiler warning in verify_packet_seqno()
      Fix format warning in openconnect_win32__strerror()
      Use shared runners
      Don't discard output from ocserv in tests
      Create ocserv config files from configure script
      Put test sockdir in build dir
      Add pubkey-less PKCS#11 tests
      Use --no-mark-private for all objects in token=openconnect-test1
      Add PKCS#11 test with CKA_PRIVATE on certs
      Check for errors from SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey()
      Fix PKCS#11 error reporting
      Work around OpenSSL crash with EC keys lacking public key
      Fix OpenSSL 1.1 build of EC workaround
      Suggest using --servercert when certificate validation fails
      Kill --no-cert-check
      Call SSL_CTX_check_private_key() to validate cert+key match
      Update translations from GNOME
      Fix 'Got no issuer from PKCS#11' message
      Escape 'PKCS#11 support' in configure summary
      Remove unused variable from bad_dtls_test.c
      Fix configure reporting of Yubikey support
      Allow explicit disabling of DSA tests
      Enable CentOS CI builds
      Fix Windows inet_pton() build warning
      CI cleanups
      Revamp GnuTLS/OpenSSL detection
      Simplify ESP conditionals
      Simplify DTLS conditionals
      Remove bad-random test stuff
      Split crypto library parts out from dtls.c to {gnutls,openssl}-dtls.c
      Reinstate 'make check' warning for OpenSSL builds
      Add serverhash test tool
      Kill DTLS_FREE macro
      Fix build from clean
      Add openconnect_init_ssl() in serverhash.c
      Fix Windows build of serverhash
      Fix serverhash build with local OpenSSL
      Report actual DTLS cipher for OpenSSL
      Allow OpenSSL to use TLSv1.2
      Set SSL_OP_TLSEXT_PADDING to work around F5 firewall bugs
      Update changelog
      Update translations from GNOME
      Single pipeline for creating
      Support --key-password for GnuTLS PKCS#11 PIN
      DTLS MTU detection fixes
      Update test suite
      Change DSA test key to 1024 bits
      Enable DSA-SHA1 in ocserv config
      Fix IPv6 setup on Solaris
      Update changelog
      Fix 'make install' from clean too.
      Add DTLS files back to translation
      Update translations from GNOME
      Explicitly disallow non-resumed sessions for legacy DTLS establishment
      Add session resume check for GnuTLS too
      Attempt to re-open CONIN$ if stdin has been redirected on Windows
      Limit netmask on Windows TAP setup to
      Remember the X-CSTP-Base-MTU: value that the server sends back
      Better attempt at handling TAP-Windows tun setup
      Add TUNIDX for Windows vpnc-script
      Increase oNCP configuration buffer size
      Update changelog
      Update translations from GNOME
      Fix pcsclite dependency in openconnect.pc
      Fix openssl dependency in openssl.pc
      Remove unused LIBS/CFLAGS manipulation in
      Update translations from GNOME
      Update translations from GNOME
      Enable DHE ciphers for Cisco DTLS
      Don't resume OpenSSL DTLS session for PSK-NEGOTIATE
      Allow DTLS version negotiation with PSK-NEGOTIATE and OpenSSL 1.0.2
      Calculate MTU for PSK-NEGOTIATE
      Add TPM documentation
      Changelog entry for SHA256 hashes
      Stop using deprecated LZ4 functions
      Update translations from GNOME
      Resync translations with sources
      Tag version 7.08

Jon DeVree (1):
      Add Content-Length header to mimic official pulse client

Mathias Schuepany (1):
      Patch for servers that do not listen on TCP 443

Nikolay Martynov (1):
      IPv6 packet size field doesn't include header size, take this into account

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos (8):
      Always calculate the base_mtu value
      Indicate the the --mtu option is used by legacy servers only
      Extended MTU discovery to work even when compiled with openssl
      Enable DTLS protocol negotiation
      Introduce SHA2-256 as a peer certificate hash and make it the default
      openconnect_check_peer_cert_hash: allow partial server hash matches
      Introduced buf_append_hex()
      tests: added check for operation under different --servercert parameters

Piotr Kubaj (1):
      Fix build with LibreSSL.

Ralph Schmieder (1):
      Add --passtos option to copy TOS/TCLASS from VPN packets

Thorsten Bonhagen (1):
      gnutls GNUTLS_E_INTERRUPTED same behavior as GNUTLS_E_AGAIN

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