[PATCH] Re: OpenConnect, Juniper and NetworkManager

Ian Turner vectro at vectro.org
Sun Aug 28 15:38:14 PDT 2016

Just took a look at this:

On 06/03/2016 12:19 PM, David Woodhouse wrote:
> I've merged a form of Juniper support which does things somewhat
> differently. I haven't addressed the above though. Can we have a
> version which is just a bit more versatile about whitespace instead of
> assuming that CISCO_SPLIT_DNS will *always* lack spaces, and
> CISCO_DEF_DOMAIN will always have them?
> Thanks!
Happy to do so, but do we have any documentation/knowledge about the
difference between these two fields (CISCO_SPLIT_DNS and
CISCO_DEF_DOMAIN)? The patch I put together was just based on what was
coming out of my (Juniper) endpoint plus what was already in the code.

Is this comment from my earlier patch accurate?

    We have two environment variables with domains -- CISCO_SPLIT_DNS
    and CISCO_DEF_DOMAIN. On Cisco, CISCO_DEF_DOMAIN can only be a
    single domain, while CISCO_SPLIT_DNS can have multiple domains
    separated by comma. On Juniper, CISCO_SPLIT_DNS is not supported but
    CISCO_DEF_DOMAIN can have multiple domains separated by ", ".

If we don't have any documentation, maybe the best approach is something
like this:

 1. Split both fields on comma, combine the results
 2. Trim any leading or trailing whitespace
 3. Remove any duplicates
 4. Use the resulting set



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