Efficiency of long-RTT forward

Yick Xie yick.xie at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 04:27:42 PDT 2016


Recently I found that sometimes ocserv experienced a bandwidth loss
when fetching files from remote (long-RTT) servers, compared with
local(short-RTT) servers.
Client- > VPN, a same file on server A(<10ms) and B(100ms). The gap of
throughput can reach up to 5 times(even more) in fetching this file
from A than B. When we download it from A, the bandwidth(between
clients and VPN) could almost be fully utilized, while as I said the
situation become worse when it comes to B. One sure thing is no
bottleneck of bandwidth between VPN and server B using wget/curl.
Hence I just suspect the issue might fall on the forward buffer. Any
optimization shall be taken into consideration?


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