glibc 2.22 -> 2.23 causes openconnect to fail at getaddrinfo

Bogomil Vasilev bogomil.vasilev at
Thu Apr 14 06:39:13 PDT 2016

Hello openconnect community,

I'm trying to resolve a problem since glibc got updated from 2.22 to 
2.23 on my distro (Archlinux).
Please find the following screenshot for describing the problem:

The VM is an old Archlinux box which I haven't updated from months which 
was fortunate since it has the old glibc (2.22).
The host, however, has the latest glibc (2.23) and openconnect seems to 
fail at resolving those juniper hostnames (there are more than you see 
in the screenshot).
I'll be happy to provide you more information, in case it's needed.


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