Openconnect resolution issue

Ronen Leibovici rleibovici at
Fri Sep 18 16:14:42 PDT 2015

Good day,

Here is the situation.

When working on my RHEL6 host, I use AT&T dialer to connect to my
companies intranet.
When doing so, my resolv.conf file is updated to include the
nameservers of my company.

Then, I use openconnect in order to connect to our customer. This also
works and the resolv.conf file is edited by VPNC to include the
nameservers of our customer.

The problem lies in the fact that if i try to perform any resolution,
it fails because, for some reason, my O/S has now been told that
recursion is not allowed and only the first name server in my
resolv.conf file is queried.

[root at oc8146477318 ~]# nslookup

** server can't find NXDOMAIN

If I connect to my AT&T dialer and then use Cisco Anyconnect Gui or
CLI to connect to the customer, name resolution works:

   [root at oc8146477318 cscotun0]# nslookup
;; Got recursion not available from, trying next server
;; Got recursion not available from, trying next server
Address: canonical name =

When using openconnect, I am trying to understand why name resolution
is not going through the entire list of name servers defined in
resolv.conf. Can you please help? Am I missing some flag or must i
edit vpnc somehow?


Ron Leibovici

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