ocserv 0.10.8

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Fri Sep 4 12:35:37 PDT 2015

  I've just released ocserv 0.10.8. This is a minor feature enhancement
release in the 0.10.x branch.

* Version 0.10.8 (released 2015-09-04)
- Pass the proxy protocol information at earlier stage to main process,
  to allow the correct information to be passed at the connect script
  and occtl. Reported by Niels Peen.
- Added the IP_REAL_LOCAL environment variable to scripts. This passes
  the local IP the client connected to.
- The PAM accounting method was dropped as there was no practical
  usage of it, the way it was implemented.
- When assigning IPv6 addresses use the whole available netmask.
- occtl: Print the local IP the client connected to, with the client
- occtl: Print the configured for the client split-dns domains.

The current release is available at:

The VPN server's web-site is at:


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