use ocserv like a webvpn

Shen Alex alex.51cto at
Fri Oct 9 20:48:30 PDT 2015

I found it! Now there are two open-source software could support webvpn.
One is ssl-explorer which now belongs to barracuda ,using on firewall.
The other one is openvpn's project——OpenVPN ALS. (PS. I don't like to
use openvpn as a international tunnel =。=)

They are both found on sourceforge,and as expected , it is a long time
not been updated

2015-10-10 11:11 GMT+08:00 Shen Alex <alex.51cto at>:
> Thanks.  I only know that firewall's and router's sslvpn have this
> feature,like cisco huawei juniper checkpoint and so on.But These
> companies are not open source.
> I will try to find some codes the same as this. :-D
> 2015-10-09 19:44 GMT+08:00 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos
> <n.mavrogiannopoulos at>:
>> On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 at 8:00 AM, Shen Alex <alex.51cto at> wrote:
>>> hi
>>>     I mean that i could use sslvpn without clients and use web to access
>>> my intra-website. Such as a proxy,but not a simple squid or haproxy.
>>>     It's a common usage for sslvpn/tlsvpn.
>>>     I  want  a website access only,no more other things.
>> That's an interesting idea. I'll add it as an open issue [0], but I have not
>> yet the changes required in my mind. It doesn't seem as simple as the kkdcp
>> proxy, but still looks doable. If there is a patch for that, it would make
>> things even easier.
>> regards,
>> Nikos
>> [0].

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