OpenConnect 7.06 release

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Mar 17 06:45:29 PDT 2015

This fixes the stray @LIBOATH_PC@ in the openconnect.pc pkg-config file,
which I neglected to remove when I stopped using liboath. Thanks to
Dominique Leuenberger for reporting and fixing that.

There's also some more improvements to the (still experimental) Juniper
Network Connect support, and a new Bosnian translation.

David Woodhouse (14):
      Fix packet allocation length in KMP followon
      Split oNCP KMP header from record length
      Refactor oNCP receive handling
      Fix memory leak when renegotiating ESP keys
      Fix memory leak in Juniper form processing
      Fix memory leak in Juniper parse_input_node()
      Fix request buffer leak in do_https_request()
      Update changelog
      Update translations from GNOME
      Resync translations with sources
      Update changelog
      Fix oNCP packet read size
      Fix no_gssapi_authorization protocol
      Tag version 7.06

Dominique Leuenberger (1):
      Complete liboath removal of cc2ea5d

David Woodhouse                            Open Source Technology Centre
David.Woodhouse at                              Intel Corporation
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