OpenConnect as an iOS network extension

Jason Cooper openconect at
Wed Jun 24 08:23:16 PDT 2015


On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 11:01:39AM +0200, Fabian J??ger wrote:
> Apple just opened up their VPN interface on iOS and I was wondering
> whether anybody is already working or planning to work on porting
> OpenConnect to iOS :-)

The problem is that openconnect is historically GPLv2.  I say
"historically" meaning that I asked about this a year or two ago and the
conclusion was there were too many stakeholders and corporate lawyers to
realistically change the license.  I'm sure Dave will chime in if I've
paraphrased that incorrectly. :-P

> Have a look at

For those of us trying to manage the deluge of daily information that is
the Internet, and get meaningful work done:  could you please take a
moment to summarize "just opened up their VPN interface"?  Especially
since you've most likely already watched it.



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