ocserv did not send stop accounting once user disconnected

jafar habibi iceberg.1369 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 05:23:32 PDT 2015

I have installed ocserv 0.10.4
I can successfully authenticate against radius server. and accounting
interim updates works well. but once user get disconnected ocserv
dosn't send stop accounting to radius server and hence radius server
treats it as a stale session.
actually ocserv send stop session (stop accounting) after long delay
after user gets disconnected and this makes a huge problem when
simultaneous-us attribute is used in radius server cause user will not
be able to login again until stop session packet is sent to radius
so question is that how we can send stop accounting to radius server
once user disconnected?

[Client disconnected]
Apr 28 03:18:12 debian ocserv[30293]: worker[test]: 5.*.*.*
worker-vpn.c:986: GnuTLS error (at worker-vpn.c:986): The TLS
connection was non-properly terminated.
Apr 28 03:18:12 debian ocserv[29304]: radius-auth: sending session
interim update
Apr 28 03:18:12 debian ocserv[29303]: main[test]: 5.*.*.*:10340 user
Apr 28 03:18:12 debian ocserv[29304]: sec-mod: temporarily closing
session for test (session: HUJ9R)

[stop session sent by ocserv to radius server]
Apr 28 03:22:32 debian ocserv[29304]: radius-auth: closing session

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