ocserv 0.10.3

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Sat Apr 25 01:18:35 PDT 2015

  I've just released ocserv 0.10.2. This is a bug fix release which 
resolves all known issues in the 0.10.x branch.

* Version 0.10.3 (2015-04-25)
- Detection of gnutls capabilities was made dynamic. That would allow
  the server to be compiled with old gnutls version but still use new
  functionality when linked with a newer version.
- The DBUS communication channel with occtl was brought up in par
  with the unix socket based one.
- Fixed issues with FreeBSD tun device handling. Reports and patches
  by Brian Chu.
- When multiple authentication methods are set and the primary includes
  a certificate, no longer require a certificate for all clients.
- When receiving non-minimal DPD messages, reflect their contents.
  This allows using DPD for MTU detection.
- The 'try-mtu-discovery' config option was fixed to affect the DF bit
  setting in UDP packets.
- Invalidate cookies when the user terminates the session explicitly.
- Fixed 'user-profile' option when isolate-workers is set to true.
- sec-mod: Do not impose timeouts on reads from main. That would prevent
  issues when reading in a very busy system.

The current release is available at:

The VPN server's web-site is at:


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