radius problem

Mehrzad Jalali mehrzadjalali at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 14 18:09:45 PDT 2015

I install ocserv 0.10.2 in centos 6.5 freeradius 2 & radiusclient 1.1.7, daloradius 0.9.9 all is work well but when user disconnected daloradius show user online and after 6 7 min daloradius clean user, I test with pam but have same problem, by this problem when i limit sim connection to 1 user must wait 6 7 minute to connect after disconnect, in the same vps i test openvpn, openvpn don't have any problem imidiatly after disconnect clean user from online list 
my nas settting is [] nas type [other] auto and act for radius in config file in uncommented and daloradius show data usage but don't detect user disconnect

please inform that if i must set any other type of nas or change config file 

note: that i test same config with IBSng that is other radius that not use freeradius and core is from IBS but have same problem


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