openconnect is using SSL instead of TLSv1.2 Protocol

Uwe Schreiber uwe.h.schreiber at
Sat Apr 4 01:22:58 PDT 2015


i'am using Ubuntu 14.04.2 with all the latest patches.

I installed openconnect v7.06-7-gf2e8cd0 from GIT.
I am trying to connect to a Juniper VPN, but i receive the message

SSL connection failure: A TLS packet with unexpected length was

I did a trace using Wireshark and have seen my client is sending a
"Client Hello" using SSL as protocol.

The VPN server is first responding by an ACK ... but immediately after
that the server is sending an ACK, RST.

I did a test using "openssl s_client"
This creates an "Client Hello" using TLSv1.2 and the handshaking between
my client and the VPN server is successful.

When i specify any other protocol within "openssl s_client" the behavior
is the same like using "openconnect --juniper".

Is there a possibility to force openconnect using TLSv1.2 as protocol?

Uwe Schreiber

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