GnuTLS & OpenSSL incompatibility in RHEL

Alexander Rumyantsev alexander at
Tue Sep 23 02:33:09 PDT 2014

> On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Alexander Rumyantsev
> <alexander at> wrote:
>> OpenSSL @RHEL supports following curves:
>> # openssl ecparam -list_curves
>>  secp384r1 : NIST/SECG curve over a 384 bit prime field
>>  secp521r1 : NIST/SECG curve over a 521 bit prime field
>>  prime256v1: X9.62/SECG curve over a 256 bit prime field
>> So, adding ":-CURVE-SECP192R1:-CURVE-SECP224R1:-CURVE-SECP256R1" to DEFAULT_PRIO in gnutls.c solved the problem, but now I don't know how to implement it correctly: wether to hardcode or to add an option like "--disable-incompatible-ec>>
>> The main problem is that I can't figure out wether it's a GnuTLS bug, or OpenSSL bug, or RedHat bug in SSL/TLS handshake.
> That looks like a bug in the modified for rhel-6.5 openssl, handling
> of curves. A disabled curve shouldn't have been negotiated. I'd
> suggest to take a capture of a failed connection and submit a bug
> report for your rhel version.

Thanks, will investigate and report.

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