Reloading server's configuration seems not working

Jingle Guo jingleguo at
Thu Sep 11 21:19:28 PDT 2014


Thank you for making such an amazing project. Currently I am running
version 0.8.4 and need your help for a blocking issue. Many times, we
need to reload config file for a service to make changes take effect
without breaking currently established sessions. But this feature
seems not working in this version, here are the repro steps:

1. comment udp-port option in config file and save ocserv.conf
2. run ocserv -c path/to/ocserv.conf
3. AnyConect for iPhone can connect using TLS protocol
4. uncomment udp-port option and save ocserv.conf
5. reload config file by invoking occtl reload and it says, 'Server
scheduled to reload'
6. issue comes up here, AnyConnect cannot conncet using DTLS protocol,
the change doesnot take effect and AnyConnect still connects using TLS
7. I have to restart ocserv to make change take effect and connect
using DTLS protocol

Did I make something wrong? Please help me out!

Many thanks,

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