openconnect on slackware

higuita higuita at
Tue Sep 9 18:50:27 PDT 2014


> > -elif [ -x /sbin/netconfig-suse ]; then # tool on Suse after 11.1
> If it was really called /sbin/netconfig-suse and you have something
> different on Slackware, that would be quite odd.

	Oops! make a backup of the original version and then added the
-suse as first workaround... later i "restored" the backup and add a
more correct fix... but now i found that i mess my restore still
used my first changed file. Sorry about that
> Please could I have the patch with a Signed-off-by: as described at
> — and which applies
> to the current tree (where it's just /sbin/netconfig). Thanks.

	Ok, updated to the git version and made a new patch and
signed-off-by added:

Avoid confusing SuSE netconfig with Slackware netconfig
Signed-off-by: Daniel Mota Leite <higuita at>

	Thanks for openconnect

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