Split Tunnel in Windows 8.1

Eric Lai lyre2005 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 06:26:49 PST 2014

    I have one Ubuntu laptop and Windows 8.1 laptop. Have great
success configuring Ubuntu one to setup Openconnect to use split
tunnel, i.e. connect to Cisco VPN network for specific resource but
still maintain internet connectivity locally, i.e. not through the VPN
    Trying to setup the same thing on Windows 8.1 laptop and have been
trying to modify vpnc-script-win.js included in the openconnect-gui
0.8 package without much success.
    Just want to ask if this is even possible under Windows 8.1 in
general before I devote more time and effort on it. If someone manage
to get it working, please share your tips or vpnc script.



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