Does anyone care about GnuTLS 2.12 support

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Nov 18 05:23:36 PST 2014

We have a lot of baggage in order to support GnuTLS 2.12. Does anyone
actually care about it?

It's lived this long because it's been relatively harmless, but now we'd
like to switch the PIN handling to gnutls_certificate_set_pin_function()
instead of using the p11-kit PIN callbacks, and that's a pain in the

Anyone who still really cares about GnuTLS 2.12 support (i.e. building
for an 'enterprise' distribution stuck with GnuTLS 2.12 and doesn't want
to lose PKCS#11 and KDE support by building with OpenSSL), now would be
a good time to speak up if you care about it being dropped from the
OpenConnect 7.00 release.

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