A problem with openconnect On Windows

xiao mybluebluesky2 at 163.com
Mon Nov 10 18:12:45 PST 2014

>As far as I understand that is because you have two default routes.

>Your real public IP gw has one with metric 20, and your VPN's has
>metric 2.
  Yes, I delete the default route like " route delete mask" after the connection being established,and test it ,it  is  effective .  

>You'll have to play with vpnc-script-win.js to achieve what you'd like
>to do. Once you do, please let us know too...

   OK,I will delete the default route after connection established ,and add it after disconnect(just like OpenVPN do)
   I find that the openconnect source code of Windows do not  receive the cancel signal  sended by the user (although the linux version do it ).

   so the  disconnect item  of the vpnc-script-win.js will not run on Windows.  I want to add the default route in the disconnect item.

xiao guang

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