OpenConnect-GUI: A record packet with illegal version was received.

Niels Peen niels at
Sun Nov 2 06:34:52 PST 2014

Hi guys,

Any idea what would cause the “illegal version” error? I’m assuming it’s 
referring to the SSL/TLS version. This server (ocserv) works fine for other 
users  of OpenConnect-GUI and also for this particular user if he uses 
OpenConnect on Android instead of Windows. (Also OpenVPN on the
same computer works without issues.)

2014-11-02 17:54 POST https://XXXXX/
2014-11-02 17:54 Attempting to connect to server
2014-11-02 17:54 SSL negotiation with XXXXX
2014-11-02 17:54 SSL connection failure: A record packet with illegal version was received.
2014-11-02 17:54 Failed to open HTTPS connection to XXXXXX
2014-11-02 17:54 Authentication error; cannot obtain cookie
2014-11-02 17:54 Disconnected


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