[PATCH] cstp: Add workaround for netmask on windows

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Mon Jun 23 04:12:38 PDT 2014

On Tue, 2014-05-27 at 09:44 +0200, Aleksandar Kanchev wrote:
> inet_aton("") would fail on windows which would
> result of the script variable INTERNAL_IP4_NETMASK not being set.

That should be fixed by 

What is the config you get from the server? You have a VPN
address/netmask of a single Legacy IP address and, which
would basically leave you routing *nothing* to the VPN, and then you
have a set of routes to add to that?

> Another side effect is that if the TAP Windows driver is being
> initialized with netmask then there's no way
> to convince windows to route packets through that interface.

If this isn't considered a bug in the Windows tap driver, (and I suspect
it isn't, because they're working around some true horridness in the
Windows network stack), then I think it's better to localise it to our
tun-win32.c with something like the following:

diff --git a/tun-win32.c b/tun-win32.c
index 102a7d0..b9ac163 100644
--- a/tun-win32.c
+++ b/tun-win32.c
@@ -169,6 +169,10 @@ static intptr_t open_tun(struct openconnect_info *vpninfo, char *guid, char *nam
 	data[0] = inet_addr(vpninfo->ip_info.addr);
 	data[2] = inet_addr(vpninfo->ip_info.netmask);
+	/* Ick. The Windows tap driver (or network stack) cannot cope with a netmask
+	   of */
+	if (data[2] == 0xffffffff)
+		data[2] = htonl(0xfffffffe);
 	data[1] = data[0] & data[2];
 	if (!DeviceIoControl(tun_fh, TAP_IOCTL_CONFIG_TUN,

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