problem about openconnect6.0 Windows client

飞翔 1152172779 at
Fri Jul 25 06:03:14 PDT 2014

  Thanks for your reply and help.
  I don't know why that I can't reply on page
  by the reply button,so I send an new email to you.
  The problems in both Question 1 and Question 2 had been solved with the    
  patch you give!  (on page
 But a new error occurs when the recompiled openconnect6.0 run on XP .
 It Prompts that "Cannot locate the entrance   point  :GetVolumeInformationByHandleW in Kernel32.dll".
 The error is just like the front one .
 I  think maybe that  the XP system doesn't support the new function in later Windows  system  version.
 and maybe there is also some other functions like that.

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