openconnect with safenet token

DeadManMoving sequel at
Wed Jul 9 08:22:51 PDT 2014

Hi list,

Is it possible to use openconnect to connect to a cisco VPN which use
safenet token for authentication?

I am trying openconnect version v5.99-175-g7a2b2e8 (with oath version
2.4.1) with --token-mode=hotp option but, does'nt look like i have much

I can successfuly connect to the VPN using cisco anyconnect client on
windows, using the safenet token.

I was unable to find some example over the internet on how to use
openconnect with software token, beside RSA software token with stoken.

Also, passing --token-mode option, without passing the --token-secret
option makes openconnect segfault, which seem odd.

Thanks and regards,


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