Followup: OpenConnect unusably slow

Thomas Richter richter at
Tue Jun 18 04:56:40 EDT 2013

Am 18.06.2013 08:56, schrieb Thomas Richter:
> Dear all,
> please find the capture of the openconnect stream attached. Not sure
> whether anything suspicious is in there. On my second system (the newer
> one) openconnect stopped working completely. You start the program, then
> nothing happens at all. No error message, nothing. It says that it could
> not open /dev/net/tun nor /dev/tun, though the kernel did not change. No
> idea...

Forget the last part of this email, was a clear case of PEBKAC. I was 
starting with the wrong kernel. The slowness is still there, of course.


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