Follow-up: OpenConnect connections unusably slow

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos n.mavrogiannopoulos at
Mon Jun 17 03:21:05 EDT 2013

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 9:09 AM, Thomas Richter
<richter at> wrote:
> Dear OpenConnect developers,
> this is again a followup on the usuably slow OpenConnect "connections" (I
> dare to say). As said, this is not a hardware problem as the problem
> persists if I move the harddisk to a completely different system.
> To remind you, openconnect does (or did, see below) work on an older system,
> but it did not on a newer one.
> What I did yesterday is that I installed the latest debian (Wheezy) on the
> old system and - voila - OpenConnect is "broken successfully". The same
> symptoms as on the newer system. I can only suspect that due to the more
> frequent use of the newer system, some security update was installed that
> also broke openconnect.
> I did some research on this issue: What's used here in the computing center
> is Cisco hardware. I also found several indicators on your website that,
> apparently, something's wrong with Cisco's "interpretation" of DTLS. I
> *seem* to remember that in one of my earlier installation attempts, I had to
> patch the libssl to include some kind of fix or workaround for the Cisco
> quirk. Does this ring a bell for some of the developers here? Any other idea
> where to look?

I have no idea on your issue, but why don't you try a newer
openconnect version than 3.20 first? Then you'll know at least if what
you are reporting has already been solved.


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