Which DNS server for which domains?

Jack Bates jxkgah at nottheoilrig.com
Tue Jul 2 14:08:46 EDT 2013


Here is the output from connecting to my office network with 
"openconnect -s env -v vpn2.gov.bc.ca":


I am running OpenConnect 4.07 on a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04. Please 
let me know if I can provide any more details.

My question is: Given this response from the VPN gateway, which DNS 
server should be used to resolve names like "example.bcgov"?

The office DNS server, advertised by the gateway, does resolve names 
like "example.bcgov", but that domain, "bcgov", doesn't appear anywhere 
in the above linked output.

    1)  Does this output cover all the data in the response from the 
gateway? Is it possible that the gateway *does* advertise the "bcgov" 
domain and OpenConnect just isn't printing it?

    2)  If not and the response from the gateway doesn't anywhere 
mention "bcgov", is the gateway misconfigured? Or am I supposed to send 
*all* DNS queries to the server advertised by the gateway?


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