ocserv 0.0.1 release

Mike Miller mike.t.miller at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 18:35:33 EST 2013

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:35 PM, Jason Cooper wrote:
> Ok, all upgraded to wheezy.  Which includes automake v1.11.6.  Same
> result.  Did a 'git clean -xfd' on ToT and ocserv_0_0_1.  Same results
> as before.
> Perhaps we need an automake guru?

I've had no trouble building on Debian wheezy/sid hybrid. Autoconf
2.69 and automake 1.11.6. I had similar issues to David's with
automake 1.12.

> On a sidenote, I'm also attempting to build the tarball.  Did you
> specifically choose gnutls v3.0.28?  Or is there a possibility of using
> an older version?  I'm specifically looking at the possiblity of this
> being packaged on debian...

Good, I'm also interested in seeing this in Debian. I backported the
gnutls28 package from Debian experimental (v3.1.8) on my setup and
ocserv builds against that. I also wondered about lowering the minimum
to make it easier to build on older stable releases. If not, after the
imminent Debian release, I'm assuming that version will move to
unstable and should be fine as a build-dependency for a Debian


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