realloc in buf_append

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Sun Feb 17 16:51:22 EST 2013

On Sun, 2013-02-17 at 14:32 -0500, Mike Miller wrote:
> A possible memory leak in the buf_append function was just reported
> [1]. At a glance it looks like most of the functions in http.c that
> use buf_append/buf_error will return ENOMEM back up the stack and
> openconnect will exit immediately. Users of the library should
> presumably do the same. I think it's still worth fixing to be safe,
> but do you see any possible conditions where this could be a problem?
> Thanks.

Thanks. Yes, it's definitely worth fixing, and we'll do so for the 5.00
release. I wasn't planning to make a habit of doing 4.0x branch releases
though, so unless something more important comes along I don't plan to
do a 4.09. Of course, distros are perfectly capable of backporting the
fix if they want to.

A memory leak is harmless for the GNOME usage of the library, because
it's a short-lived process anyway. For KDE it's more of a pain. But if
kded starts getting heap alloc failures, you're probably shagged

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