contributing to vpnc-script

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at
Mon Dec 30 01:51:09 EST 2013


Years ago, I hacked my vpnc-script to do some specific stuff, and I
would like to contribute that upstream now, but of course I need to do
it properly first, so that the new stuff is optional and non-default.

Specifically, I would like vpnc-script to:
a. not touch /etc/resolv.conf
b. add/remove routes in a specific table rather than "main"
c. do not ever set a default route

It's simple to do that non-optionally, but if I want to make any of
those optional, how should I pass the necessary parameters to the
vpnc-script? Should I use environment variables, or arguments, or ...?

A wrapper script would probably set the environment variables or
arguments, as an easy exercise for the user who wants to use them.

Anyway, no approach seems obvious to me, and I would like to know the
proper path before starting out.


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