Slow connection after successful vpn login

Marina Papoutsi marina.cogsci at
Thu Dec 19 17:00:49 EST 2013


I've been using openconnect successfully for a couple of months and 
suddenly things don't work very well.

I am still able to connect to ucl's using the attached 
csd-wrapper that Kevin provided some time ago, when I had trouble 

The trouble this time is that as soon as I login to vpn, my internet 
connection slows down and I am no longer able to access any websites. 
This is both for ucl internal and external websites.

I can ssh to my ucl workstation, but I can't e.g. scp anything back. I 
try, but it stalls. Needless to say, remote desktop doesn't work either.

I run kubuntu 3.11, 64-bit, openconnect 5.01 and no firewall.
I have not recently made any changes to iptables either ...
Not sure what is going on, but if anyone have any idea about this, I'd 
really appreciated.

Many thanks,

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