Connection Problems... help!

James Boulton james at
Fri Dec 13 09:01:23 EST 2013

Yes, that was indeed the problem. Not long after posting the message I found the tun kernel module and loaded it, and now openconnect actually connects!

It seems tun isn’t loaded by default on this QNAP NAS box, although they do kindly provide a prebuilt version, which was nice!

-- James

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On Fri, 2013-12-13 at 12:08 +0000, James Boulton wrote:
> /dev/net/tun exists but tun is not listed in lsmod.

That would appear to be your problem. Is tun built into the kernel? You
do need to have the tun driver somehow, be it built-in or loaded as a
module. Fixing that it outside the scope of the openconnect client
itself! :)

You say /dev/net/tun exists... is it a symlink? To where?


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