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Matthew Kitchin (public/usenet) mkitchin.public at
Sun May 29 09:06:11 EDT 2011

On 5/29/2011 3:33 AM, David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-05-28 at 22:27 -0500, Matthew Kitchin (public/usenet)
> wrote:
>> I tried to compile a package for Openwrt last time, and it didn't go
>> very well. I spent a great deal of time, and made little progress. I
>> believe that is why I'm running a patched version.
> I don't think your current problem is related to the fact that you're
> running v2.25.
>>>> After about 3 days, I lose all connectivity between the devices on my
>>>> 192.168.1.x subnet. The devices can still get to the internet, still get
>>>> to the remote vpn subnets, but cannot see each other.
>>> How are the machines connected to one another? And if they can still
>>> happily see everything but each other, wtf is your 'ping'
>>> doing?
>> All the machines at my house are connected by wifi to the Openwrt box.
>> Openwrt has the vpn connection to remote office. All home machines are
>> on the 192.168.1.X subnet. is a router IP at my corporate
>> office I ping to check if the VPN connection is up or not.
> OK, but you said that when the problem happens, they can still get to
> the remote VPN subnets. So this 'ping' check would still be
> *working*, and thus fail to detect the problem?
Correct. They can still get to That check was only put in 
there to detect when the VPN connection goes down. I believe my VPN 
server is set to disconnect at 12 hours. I have not put in anything 
automated to try and fix this local lan problem
> Or did I misunderstand, and your 'reconnect script' isn't actually
> solving the problem with the 192.168.1.x hosts on the wireless not being
> able to talk to each other? Except that when it *happens* to trigger
> because the VPN goes down, that somehow solves the (unrelated?) wlan
> issue?
Correct. It is not solving this problem. When the problem has occurred, 
if I simply kill the openconnect process, the local connection between 
the devices on the 192.168.1.x subnet is resolved. Perhaps this problem 
is happening more often than I thought, and it is being resolved every 
time the script runs to reconnect the VPN connection.
> It sounds like this is an OpenWRT routing problem. If hosts on your
> *wireless* cannot see each other, that really shouldn't be anything to
> do with openconnect. If restarting openconnect 'fixes' it then that
> really makes me suspect the routing setup, because that's all that
> openwer will really change. So I'll need to see those routing tables in
> all three cases.
I don't disagree at all. I thought I would start here because stopping 
openconnect seemed to resolve the problem. Here is routing info right 
now when all is well.
root at OpenWrt:~# route -e
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt 
Iface UGH       0 0          0 
tun0 UGH       0 0          0 
tun0   c-68-63-248-1.h UGH       0 0          0 
eth1   UG        0 0          0 
tun0     *        U         0 0          0 
br-lan     *        U         0 0          0 
eth1     UG        0 0          0 
tun0     UG        0 0          0 
tun0     UG        0 0          0 
default         c-68-63-248-1.h         UG        0 0          0 

Windows machine on wifi:
C:\Users\Matthew Kitchin>route print
Interface List
  10...00 1e 58 3f a4 95 ......D-Link DWA-556 Xtreme N PCIe Desktop Adapter
   9...00 1e 0b a1 f9 0b ......Intel(R) 82566DM-2 Gigabit Network Connection
   1...........................Software Loopback Interface 1
  15...00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e0 Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
  25...00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e0 Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #2
  13...00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e0 Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
      25         On-link    306         On-link    306         On-link    306         On-link    281         On-link    281         On-link    281         On-link    306         On-link    281         On-link    306         On-link    281
Persistent Routes:

IPv6 Route Table
Active Routes:
  If Metric Network Destination      Gateway
  13     58 ::/0                     On-link
   1    306 ::1/128                  On-link
  13     58 2001::/32                On-link
  13    306 2001:0:4137:9e76:30be:3346:bbc0:62a/128
  10    281 fe80::/64                On-link
  13    306 fe80::/64                On-link
  13    306 fe80::30be:3346:bbc0:62a/128
  10    281 fe80::7830:bd1c:38ae:22fc/128
   1    306 ff00::/8                 On-link
  13    306 ff00::/8                 On-link
  10    281 ff00::/8                 On-link
Persistent Routes:

C:\Users\Matthew Kitchin>

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