OpenConnect 3.10 release

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Jun 29 20:03:38 EDT 2011

The biggest change here is that the authentication library is now a
*shared* library; my requirement of a second independent user has now
been met, because the kde-plasma-networkmanagement tool now supprts

To facilitate building of shared libraries on all supported platforms,
I've bitten the bullet and actually used libtool — even though I *hate*
libtool, it is the easiest way of doing it portably. And since automake
and autoconf only give me mild gnashings of teeth in comparison with my
all-consuming passionate hatred of libtool, and libtool wasn't playing
ball when used directly from real Makefiles, I've just gone the whole
way and used them too.

David Woodhouse (15):
      Update web page to document NetworkManager auth-dialog move
      Add --non-inter option
      Use 'openssl' pkgconfig not 'libssl'. Debian doesn't include -lcrypto in libssl
      Add 'reconnect' invocation of vpnc-script, to re-ensure routing/DNS setup
      Explicitly require pkg-config. It's not installed by default on OS X
      Add openconnect_vpninfo_new_with_cbdata() function to ease C++ integration
      Switch to using autohate :(
      Update changelog
      Fix dist-hook to enforce being at $(VERSION)
      Check for repeated tags in 'make tag'
      Add 'make tmp-dist' for testing tarballs, to work around the tag check
      Remove debugging from uncommitted-check rule
      Silence output from tag checks
      Note the existence of KDE support for NetworkManager + openconnect
      Tag version 3.10

Thomas Schwinge (1):
      Clarify that --script [...] will be evaluated by the shell.

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