OpenConnect v3.02 release

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue Apr 19 10:05:11 EDT 2011

I didn't actually get round to announcing v3.00 or v3.01, which was
slack of me.

The biggest change is that we can now build a 'libopenconnect' library
with the core HTTP and authentication code, so it can be used from
authentication dialogs for various network management tools. The
NetworkManager auth-dialog is now removed and lives in
network-manager-openconnect.git where it always should have been.

I only build it as a static library for now. I'd love to see someone
making it work in the KDE NetworkManager UI, and then I'll feel a bit
happier about making a shared library out of it and giving it a stable

Other changes since 2.26 are that the authentication code now copes with
multiple passwords, and we have the --csd-wrapper option to override the
server-provided CSD trojan with a tool of your own devising.

Chaskiel Grundman (1):
      Clean up auth form handling

David Woodhouse (38):
      Report and abort when cafile fails to open.
      Namespace cleanup: s/set_http_proxy/openconnect_set_http_proxy/
      Namespace cleanup: s/passphrase_from_fsid/openconnect_passphrase_from_fsid/
      Namespace cleanup: s/parse_url/openconnect_parse_url/
      Clean up fingerprint routines
      Fix help output for --servercert option
      Fix leak of form_buf on redirect/repost/etc
      Don't elide webvpn cookie if it's empty
      Partly revert excessive renaming (s/passphrase_from_fsid/openconnect_\1/)
      Put xml.o before main.o in build.
      Make install commands work on Solaris
      Split private parts of openconnect.h out into openconnect-internal.h
      Rename openconnect_parse_url() to internal_parse_url()
      Remove vpn_name from struct openconnect_info. It's only used by the auth-dialog
      Add accessor functions for library use, convert nm-auth-dialog to use them
      Hide openconnect_close_https() and openconnect_create_useragent()
      Fix namespace prefix on get_cert_sha1 function
      Add openconnect_get_version() function
      Add API version to header, fix include guard
      Fix shadowed declarations of global ui_data
      Fix shadowed declarations of global gcl
      Fix shadowed declarations of global config_path
      Make a bunch of functions static to avoid compiler warnings
      Add a dummy use of 'thread' after creating it, to shut compiler up
      Remove 'reprompt' variable which does nothing
      Add install-lib make target
      Remove auth-dialog. It lives in NetworkManager-openconnect now.
      Update changelog
      Tag version 3.00
      Add libxml to pkg-config requirements. Doh!
      Tag version 3.01
      Add openconnect_vpninfo_free(); start to sanify string lifetime rules.
      Update changelog
      Free cert after comparing it with sslkey.
      Bump library API for openconnect_vpninfo_free() addition
      Use pkgconfig for libssl.
      Clear cached peer_addr where necessary.
      Tag version 3.02

Keith Moyer (1):
      Add csd_wrapper gconf setting

Paul Brook (1):
      Add --csd-wrapper

Ray Kohler (2):
      Install target fixes
      Fix manpage formatting

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David.Woodhouse at                              Intel Corporation

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