Openconnect with Linksys/Cisco WRVS4400N

Ethan Harris ethanfharris at
Fri Sep 10 14:21:26 EDT 2010

I received a reply from David Woodhouse over on the Cisco community
forum regarding using Openconnect to create a VPN between my linux
laptop and a Linksys/Cisco WRVS4400N small business VPN router.  He
suggested that folks over here might be able to help me configure
openconnect to create a client-to-gateway VPN connection.

I have a linux (Ubuntu 10.04LTS) laptop and want to connect a VPN to
my SOHO WRVS4400N gateway router. I have the gnome network manager GUI
and openconnect installed.  I am not certain if the IPSec service is
running on the laptop and if not, I may need a terminal syntax nudge
regarding how to start it, where find relevant log files, etc.

Cisco's QVPN utility works under Windows Vista from the laptop to the
router just fine, but does not work using Wine.  I do have QVPN
running under Ubuntu via a Virtualbox Vista guest, but it's a very
clumsy and horribly slow way to do things, and I suspect it should be
rather easy to have a native linux VPN client that will connect to the
WRVS4400N.  In Windows, I configure QVPN via it's GUI with:  a host
address, a username, a password, and a port (443).  I also needed to
have the router generate what Cisco calls a "Client Certificate" (a
.PEM file) and copy the .PEM to the folder where QVPN.exe is.  I also
have a router generated "Administrator Certificate" available if it
will help.

The WRVS4400N router documentation is completely unclear regarding the
type of connection or process that is used to establish a
client-to-gateway VPN connection.  Part of my difficulty may be
nomenclature related, where Linksys' use of terminology does not align
with the labels used on various configuration fields in Openconnect.

Can Openconnect be used to set up a hostname + username + password +
port + client certificate and establish a client-to-gateway IPSec VPN
connection to this Linksys router?  If not, will any of the other
gnome/network manager GUI VPN mechanisms work?

Thanks in advance for the help!  Ethan

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