openconnect and Cisco VPN router RV042

O. Wagner lists at
Mon Nov 22 11:50:17 EST 2010


I'm searching for a possibility to connect with linux to the Cisco
RV042. While searching for a linux alternativ for QVPN I found a thread
at cisco support community. Here wrote David Woodhouse that there is
maybe a possibility to solve that problem with openconnect and at this
list maybe someone can help.


The thread was opened for WRVS4400N, but the client software is the same
as for my RV042 VPN. Here some information what was asked at cisco

=> openconnect certainly does use the certificate/username/password that
you mention. => same information is needed for RV042

=> If you (can) connect to the HTTPS port (port 443) of the VPN server,
it's possibly something that openconnect can work with. => I tried to
connect and the browser told me the certificate is not valid. After
"continue" the browser had a problem, but that's what I expected ;-).

I hope someone can help me to solve the problem. But I'm for the next
few days not at my desktop. That's the reason why I will answer a little
late. Sorry in advance for that.

TIA and best regards,


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