Some newbie questions

Bill Smith smith_wa at
Wed Sep 17 14:22:56 EDT 2008

I was able to find a fairly old Netwinder 275, and got it working OK.  It must be one of the older models, with 32MB RAM, and a 810MB HD.  The OS kernel date is June 29, 1998.  I've read through the archives here, and most of the material posted at  Apparently, most of the firmware has been removed from the site due to GPL restrictions.  I'd love to update the firmware so that I could also update the OS.

Any ideas as to how firmware can be obtained?  Do any other boot managers work on this machine?

I will probably try to replace the existing hard disk with a CF-IDE adapter.  Has anyone tried this, and if so, does it then run cool enough to shut off the fan?  Any real performance hits with a Compact Flash, and would it be safe to turn off swap?



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