new to netwinder

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at
Wed Jul 25 02:04:49 EDT 2007

I was just given a Netwinder (ARM, 128M RAM, 10G hard drive).

Rooting around, I found this mailing list.  It seems as if the best
information on how to freshen up a netwinder is from March of last

What is the best distro/version to run?  My machine came with
  OfficeServer version 2.0 [Build 8]
  kernel 2.2.14 - 20000612 on armv4l
  NeTrom 2.1.16c
I have to admit that currently this is a toy for me.  I may have no
actual practical application.

I was surprised to find hints that NetBSD and FreeBSD might support
the NetWinder.  But I'm more inclined to run Linux.

My current guess is that I'd like to upgrade the firmware to 2.3.3
(the latest, as I understand it) and the system to the latest NW9.
Perhaps the rescuefs should be updated -- I cannot tell.

The rescue partition works: I used it to overcome the fact that I
didn't know the root password (it was not "vnc").  Interesting that
this minimal system doesn't even have mv or chmod commands but it does
have both vi and joe.

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