Filesystems for new hard disk drive

François Jacques jacf01 at
Mon Mar 21 11:05:02 EST 2005

Andrew Mileski wrote:

> *laughs heartily*
> You've never ported software, eh? :)

Well, yes. I've had my fair load of porting in the last years <grin>, but
not at kernel-level (nor at UI level, thank God!)

> The Linux driver can be considered a whole new animal with its own set
> of "features" (bugs).  IBM is still working on it quite a bit.  Give
> it a year or two.

You're right. AIX and Linux, are totally different beast - one is a derived
from System V while the other is, well, Linux. Their filesystem support
layer must be totally different and, to be very honest, I've never played in
that part of the kernel. 

I agree that the new driver must have its own features, but still believe
that the core logic must be quite stable. Let's not start a flame war here;
I'll trust your experience and stay away from JFS. 

> I really suggest ext3 instead of doing anything "exotic" though.  I
> suspect results will be about the same.

You previously wrote that XFS is more trouble than its worth... What's
problematic with it? I've read about some pretty bad partition corruption
issues that were reported; is it what you were thinking of?


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