Hard disk replacement

François Jacques jacf01 at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 16 10:00:36 EST 2005

Hi all,

Looking at my SMART log, my NetWinder hard drive is running in failure mode
for some time now. I want to replace it (it’s the 10 Gig HITACHI model)
ASAP, but I’m concerned that a compatible ATA hard disk drive might not be
easy in the new - Yeah, I could go for the used, but I’d prefer avoid that
path - hard disk market.

The FAQ sez: <It supports up to 256MB of RAM and hard disks over 30GB in
size.> Is the upper limit known or does that mean that nobody ever tried it?

Also, I’d like to keep the exact same configuration/files/etc. once the new
hard drive is installed. I’m looking at ways to backup/restore the
partitions and,so far, I’ve looked at tar and cpio. Which way can give me
the best results? IIRC, the NetWinder images (rescue, main) were created
using tar? 

Thanks in advance for your help folks

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